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Among the services offered by Movengineering, there is also the supply of plants suitable to the preparation of just-in-time spin finish emulsions to be applied on yarn in synthetic fibers production.
The IEMP units are of modular type and allow to prepare the emulsion in a completely automatic way, without need of personnel.

This system offers several advantages, among which:

  • Just-in-time production that allows to reduce the stocking tanks up to a max capacity 100 lt, reducing to the minimum the area dedicated to this operation;
  • the system is kept under nitrogen flux, in order to avoid bacterial contamination;
  • it does not require a periodic cleaning of the pipes;
  • the production of the emulsion is performed by means of receipts that can be set trough a PC;
  • there is a considerable reduction of functioning costs, thanks to the lack of agitators and to the completely automatic management.
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