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pulizia filtri fap dpf

Movengineering is a company with an experience of over 30 years in the sector of filters cleaning.
The company has developed “Fap & Dpf Restore”: an innovative system for the recovery of FAP and DPF filters.

Deciding to restore filters with Movengineering means not only to choose a safe, rapid and cheap service, but also to have the opportunity to rely on:

  • a patented cleaning procedure;
  • a long-term experience in the cleaning of metallic and ceramic filters;
  • cleaning of filters of any dimension;
  • complete removal of carbon and ash residuals;
  • preservation of the vehicle category – Euro 5 or 6;
  • improvement of the vehicle efficiency and consequent consumption reduction;
  • no use of chemical products;
  • complete respect of environmental rules;
  • no need of cut or mechanical modification of the muffler;
  • certificate of weight and differential pressure check before and after the cleaning.
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