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AIR CONDITIONING UNIT for spinning plants

In order to optimize the energy consumption, and avoid that the air treatment and conditioning system, combined with the cooling circuits, generates a power demand equal to the 40÷60% of that one absorbed in the whole production plant, Movengineering has designed an integration project, based on the following guidelines:

  • Integration of the conditioning plant of the spinning lines with the exhaust aspiration system (both monomer and spin finish mist) in order to minimize the contamination and the thermal energy dispersion in the environment.
  • Volume reduction of the air introduced in the winders room and sent to quenching chambers, to the minimum level required for the good functioning of the process.
  • Minimization of energy consumption for the cooling of air conditioning units, achieved through the continuous comparison between the values of the enthalpies of the external air and of those of re-circulated one, and by mixing them in an optimal way. With this system, it is possible to obtain not only the reduction of the demand of electrical power up to 25% (if compared to the conventional plants), but it allows also to reduce the air contamination in the spinning rooms to levels in accordance with the strictest regulations.
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