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Among the machines produced by Filterpar there is Diaset: a static machine, designed in order to speed up the processes of sedimentation of the heavy particles and the processes of emersion of light ones, in liquids. Sedimentation and emersion take place in shaped channels, vertically inclined of about 30°.
The channels are realized compartmentalizing the treatment tanks with specific diaphragms.
can have a 10-12 times bigger capacity than the traditional tank with the same dimensions.
In the systems some re-circulating processes can be activated, above and below the diaphragms, in order to dissipate in the liquid mass, some chemical products or additives such as PH correctors, flocculants or coagulants.

Main available diaphragms:

  • TSA 40
Channel area: 45 cm²
Horizontally projected surface: 11 m²/m³
  • TSA 80
Channel area: 150 cm²
Horizontally projected surface: 6 m²/m³

Available materials for channel diaphragms:

  • PP – UV resistant
  • PET
  • PE



  • Reduction of convective motions in the liquid mass;
  • Uniform transit speed of the liquid in all the treatment tank;
  • Cancellation of the wind effects on the liquid surface;
  • The channels profile is specifically designed to increase the particles aggregation and to make the separation process more efficient;
  • Negligible energy consumptions;
  • Sedimentation in compact spaces.

benefits and employment sectors

Application purposes

  • Suspended solids reduction;
  • Turbidity reduction;
  • Floating substances reduction;
  • Oils and hydrocarbons reduction.

Application fields

  • Pre-treatment of civil and industrial surface waters;
  • Preliminary separation processes on civil and industrial sewage;
  • Biological mud separation;
  • Treatment of waters used in agriculture and animals farming;
  • Separation of hydrocarbons and not in solution and not emulsified oils;
  • First rain waters treatment.
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